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Lesbian Romance Novels

Available from Amazon and Bold Strokes Books


It’s been almost two years since Sarah Osborn’s wife, Julie, died. She never expects that the email she sends to Julie’s old account, hoping for closure, would end up in someone else’s inbox.

Lindsey is touched when she receives an email meant for someone else. She writes back, explaining the mistake. A handful of emails later leads to a real-life meeting.

 If Sarah is to embrace a future with Lindsey she never dreamed possible, she must find a way to let go of her lost love.


Can data predict who we fall in love with? Reality television is here to find out, and thousands of viewers are along for the ride. Two total strangers, matched by the world's most advanced romance algorithm, meet at the altar to say, "I do."

So, when one of the brides backs out days before the wedding, Annie, the shows producer panics and Nicole, the program designer steps in to get married on national TV. But her growing feelings for Annie could destroy all her credibility and sink the show.


Kelly has been handed a raw deal in life. When she is forced to give up Bear, the cat she’d recently adopted, it’s just one more heartache. Logan has it all, looks, a loving family, and any woman she wants. When Logan agrees to take Bear, she promises him a good home and Kelly plenty of opportunities to visit him.

Opposites really can attract, and as Kelly and Logan work together to create a loving home for Bear, they just might find one for themselves as well.


Hannah had her daughter Cassidy after in vitro. When she turns 18, Cassidy wants to know traits she inherited from the anonymous sperm donor. To her shock, she learns Hannah is not her biological mother. When Maggie Walsh shows up wanting a relationship with the daughter she never knew she had, the heat kindled between her and Hannah is not entirely romantic. The love they have for Cassidy will tear them apart and bring them together in ways no one could have conceived.


After another failed relationship, Ali decides it’s time to find out what she’s doing wrong. Contacting her exes with questions seems like a piece of cake, until she gets to her high school sweetheart, the girl who shattered her heart. Madison has made a neat little life for herself. She’s content running the donut shop her father left her. The last thing she expects is Ali to drop back into her life. Ali and Madison really only have one thing in common. The girl who broke their heart may be the only one who can put it back together.


Artist Carrie Martin struggles with the probability of profound loss when she meets Hope in a grief support group. Hope is easy to open up to, and beautiful. She makes the perfect model figure paintings, and they become friends. Carrie is determined to keep things professional, even if she can’t deny her attraction. Temptation may prove impossible to resist when she discovers Hope has secrets of her own. When a past mistake puts everything at risk, can the truth win out and love conquer all?

Jodi Michaels has life figured out: she owns her business, has a relationship and two great kids. She just hadn’t counted on someone like Beth Bellamy coming along to shake up her world. When Beth makes Jodi wonder if really loving someone and having someone love you in return is what life is all about, her perfect picture begins to crumble.


When Delaney and Jade meet, they sense a connection neither can explain. Delaney starts having strange visions that feel like memories. Scotland, 1465: two young women meet and fall in love, but that love is threatened by deception and hatred. Delany isn’t sure if her feelings for Jade are real or left over from five hundred years ago. The more she sees, the more she’s convinced the key to her future lies in their past.


Emily’s bucket list didn’t include getting divorced and starting a new job in a new city. When her mother dies Emily finds herself caring for her sister who has Down syndrome. When Emily meets Andi Marino she thinks she’s found a new best friend.  Emily discovers she’s a lesbian and wants to explore her feelings, Andi seems like the perfect social guide. Emily doesn’t know Andi is attracted. Caught up in exploring her sexuality, will Emily see the only woman she needs is right in front of her?


Faith, the daughter of a preacher never imagined the turn her life would take when she met Sami. Falling in love with another woman went against everything she had been taught to believe. But true love is hard to fight and sometimes even harder to hang on to. Faith can't face what it means to love Sami and Sami can't let Faith go. What will Sami have to do to keep their love and hold on to Faith?

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