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About Joy

Joy Argento's journey into creativity began at a tender age of five in Syracuse, New York, where she first wielded a pencil to bring animals to life on paper. Now calling Rochester home, Joy has embraced oil paints as her preferred medium, resulting in award-winning artwork that graces homes worldwide.

While her artistic prowess developed early, Joy's foray into writing unfolded later in life. Fueled by a passion for lesbian romance, she ventured into writing, garnering positive responses for her initial self-published novels. While she remains a force in self-publishing for novellas, Joy has also found a home with Bold Strokes Books.

Driven by a desire to contribute positively to the world, Joy expanded her literary repertoire to include children's books with valuable lessons. These tales convey important messages about kindness, the significance of quiet moments, and the value of honesty, all cleverly woven into captivating narratives accompanied by delightful illustrations—a combination sure to captivate young readers.

Joy is not only a creative spirit but a devoted family person. With three grown children charting their own paths in the world and six grandsons who bring immense joy, family remains the cornerstone of her life.

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