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Adult Picture Books

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Do you know a woman who constantly volunteers or says yes to whatever is asked of her? This is the book for her (or you). Step into the world of Mabel, a woman whose life was a constant stream of obligations and endlessly saying yes. In a tale that unfolds with a dash of whimsy, and plenty of rhymes, Mabel discovers the transformative power of saying "no" and reclaiming time for herself. Written and illustrated like a children's book but meant for adults, adding fun to the lesson.

In this narrative, the obligations that once defined Mabel's existence gradually give way to a newfound sense of freedom. As Mabel learns to say "no" with grace and embraces the joy of self-care, readers will find insights to help them find a balance between responsibility and personal fulfillment.

So come, join this tale, a poetic cheer,
Mabel's awakening, so vivid and clear.
In rhymes that pirouette and verses that flow,
Learn from Mabel—it's okay to say no!

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